Single Line Men‘s
Name:Magnetic Therapy Bracelet SSSB0249
Product Features:
 Material: 304 or 316L stainless steel, or pure titanium;
Dimension: 12.0x215x3.5mm, width: 12.0mm, thickness: 3.5mm, length: 215mm or 8.5";
Polishing: Top polish with shiny and brushed results;
Color plating: Two tone IP gold plating;
Energy elements: Neodymium strong magnets, germaniums, far infrared and negative ions as 4 in 1;
Decoration: None.
Description Parameter
Benefits: 1. Magnetic therapy and pain relief functions, like rheumatism, arthritis and cervical spondylopathy;
               2. Adjusting blood pressure and promote blood circulation, such as high blood pressure or low blood pressure;
               3. Balancing human body’s energy, anti- fatigue and help for sports;
               4. Preventing radiation from TV, computers and cell phone;
               5. Improving metabolism and strengthen human body’s activities.
Packing: Common packaging: Individual OPP polybag or film wrap individual packaging;
               Special packaging: Individual gift box, such as Paper box or velvet box;
MOQ (Minimum order quantity):  200pcs each design;
Delivery time: 30 workdays;
Quality standard: High quality standard, Non-toxic and environmental friendly;
Warranty: 12 months.
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